Niswarths Annual Sports for Differently Abled of North Bengal

A sports meet for differently Abled persons was organised by Niswarth on 21st January,2024 at the Bhanu Maidan(Football field) at Bagracote Tea Garden. 192 participants from 22 Tea Gardens of Dooars took part in Wheel chair race,Shot put Throwing a ball,Bursting balloon,Sack race,Catch a pole,50 mtrs race etc. MLAs from Darjeeling, Dooars, Karimul Haque( Padmashree), …

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Niswarth, a charity for specially abled and Underprivileged Tribals working in North Bengal and Assam had organised a program at Orchid Uttoroyan today.18 members of Niswarth were given Momentos for their selfless work with the organization for over 16 yrs. Dignitaries present were Rotary members from Uttoroyan Mr.K K Singh, Mr. R P Choudhary Mr.Naresh Agarwal, Mr. Sunil Sinha, Mr. Raghuvansh Prasad, Mr.Rajah Banerjee,GST Commisioner Mrs.Meenu Kunar, DCP Mr Abhisekh Gupta,Mrs.Sweta Tiwari, Mr. Sushil Mitruka, Mr.Arun Singal Mr.Niraj Sirohi, Dr Prveen Reddy, Mrs Sangeeta Reddy, Mr Anup & Monu Mehra,Mr.Samit Sarkar, Mr.Paramjeet Singh, Mr. Suresh Thapa, and many others attended. Date12th February 2023

Blankets and food packets donated by Mrs Mausami Pal and Mrs Chandrakala Gupta of Siliguri,were distributed to Specifically abled and Underprivileged persons at Bagracote Tea Garden by NISWARTH. More such help will be given soon. Niswarth is a charity working in North Bengal and Assam since 2006 extdnding support to the tribal persons of gardens and neighbouring villages.Program was attended by Mr Paramjeet Mr Suresh, Mr Prabhat Niswarth Secretary Mrs Sanjana and Mr Harsh. Niswarth Deaf & Mute children also attended.Date January 19th 2023

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